Why would a car rental company use 360Locate service:

  • To identify customers who drive recklessly (harsh braking, acceleration, speeding, harsh cornering, etc.)
  • To know when a vehicle is about to enter prohibited areas such as another country (SMS or email)
  • Get vehicle most current location in case it needs to be towed or retrieved
  • To immobilize a vehicle  to prevent theft (Rented cars in certain areas of the world are dismantled and sold as parts. Receive automatic odometer notifications (mileage verification) when KM limit is breached. (SMS or email)

How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

  • Not all car leasing tracking solutions are equal. We provide GSM tracking, and not only GPS tracking → You can track rented vehicles when parked indoors.  We can locate the car, even if it is in an underground garage, using cellular tower triangulation.


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