Why would a car leasing company use 360Locate service:

  • You would be able to locate the leased vehicle for any business reason.
  • You can immobilize the car remotely if a customer does not pay. You can re-mobilize the vehicle when issues are settled.
  • Your customer can use our tracking data for their own business pruposes such as taxes and expense accounts. Your customers can use our other solutions, such as workforce management.

How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

  • Ability to have a win/win situation with your customers where you get to monitor them and they get to have a tracking solution for one or more vehicles.
  • Not all car leasing tracking solutions are equal. We provide GSM tracking, and not only GPS tracking → You can track rented vehicles when parked indoors (inside parking).  We can locate the car, even if its in an underground garage, using cellular tower triangulation.


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