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GPS may be used to tax us while we drive

14 April at 07:51PM

GPS technology is helping governments find alternatives to raise revenue. We can keep track of how many miles were driven in a given day or year. 360Locate is currently implementing a similar product. Contact 360Locate to see how you can equip vehicles with GPS tracking.  Discover the increased control. You will be surprised at the fast Return On Investment.

Some governments short on cash and facing gridlocked streets are considering a new method to raise revenue. A GPS tracking device in your car would keep track of how many miles you drive and tax you per mile. The tax would vary depending on what route the driver takes and what time. Driving during rush hour on crowded streets would cost more than traveling during off peak hours and on side streets. Governments in the EU, Asia and even here in the U.S. are considering a mileage tax. The tax is viewed as a way for governments to raise money to supplement the declining revenue from gasoline taxes, as fuel efficient cars become more widespread in the future. Read more...