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Onstar lets parents track teens.

12 April at 06:22PM

GPS technology is becoming an alternative way for parents to track the driving behavior of their children. 360Locate currently has automated reporting that enables parents to gain that additional control over the driving behavior of their children at their finger tips.  Contact 360Locate to see how you can equip your child's vehicle with GPS tracking. You will be surprised with the peace of mind it will bring you. 

t’s okay, mom.  You can let your teen drive the car while you keep track of their every move!  No need to worry anymore!Just sign up for OnStar Family Link, where you can go online while your teen is driving your OnStar-enabled vehicle to see their every move.  Not only can you track the car using the online map, you can also set alerts to be sent to your phone at specific times, or set it to send alerts as often as you would like. Read more...