360 Track and Trace

  • Do you want to know where your car is?
  • Do you want to monitor your driver when he is alone?
  • Do you want to monitor speed when your car is being used?
  • Do you want to be alerted when your vehicle enters an area or leaves it?

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360 Fleet Management

  • Are you suffering losses due to over-idling?
  • Are your employees using your fleet after hours for their own gain?
  • Do you know your fleet utilization rates?  
  • Can you optimize your fleet usage?
  • Can you monitor merchandise theft during transport?
  • Are you losing merchandise due to under or over-refrigeration?

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360 Car Rental

  • Are you struggling with retrieving cars that are not back at the end of their rental period?
  • Do you want to be alerted if a car is about to leave the country?
  • Are your cars being  damaged by drivers who do not respect rented vehicles?
  • Are your clients disconnecting the vehicle odometer to cheat on rental agreements?

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360 Car Leasing

  • Do you know where your leased vehicles are? 
  • Do you want to be alerted if a car is about to leave the country?
  • When you have customer payment issues, do you have a way to take control of the vehicle? 
  • Are you looking for ways to provide added value services to your customers?
  • Are you looking to differentiate yourself from your competition?

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360 Heavy Equipment

  • Do you know where all your Equipment is located?
  • Do you know if your assets are being optimally utilized?
  • Do you know if you Equipment is maintained in a timely manner?
  • Would you like to catch fuel theft?
  • Would you like to increase employee productivity and motivation by rewarding good employee behavior?

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